Bobble the little Bumblebee

Wooden seed box featuring Bobble the little Bumblebee

This attractive box from Saatgut Dillmann contains a true flower paradise for bumblebees, other types of bees, butterflies, and their friends. The colorful flowers and herbs are all open-blooming and therefore very attractive to these busy insects. The image of Bobble the little Bumblebee graces the high-quality wooden box, which can be put to long-term use as a seed and garden box and makes a creative gift for garden enthusiasts.

The box is currently available in size S, with eight varieties of seed: basil, fiddle-neck, corn poppy, bachelor’s button, pot marigold, nasturtium, chives, and thyme.

The box is accompanied by a picture-book story with a very bumblebee-like message: be yourself, believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything!

This product is the perfect fit for the brand!