British charm and humor – welcome, Wallace & Gromit!

The award-winning British classic from the makers of “Shaun the Sheep” will henceforth be marketed in the GAS-region by the WDR mediagroup.

They are one of the most iconic pop culture duos around—Wallace and his faithful companion Gromit! The wonderfully detailed claymation in the film series which has been around for more than 30 years laid the foundations for the unmistakable productions of the Aardman studio. The ambitious and naive tinkerer Wallace creates a contraption to solve every little problem. While his inventions don’t always work quite as he expected, his clever assistant Gromit always manages to sort everything out. At the end of every adventure, a good cup of tea and crackers with cheese are a must for the two of them!

The many references to famous movie classics that feature are a delight for young and old alike. Five Oscar nominations and three Oscar wins for the five films released to date speak for themselves.

And that’s not all— the next film is already being produced.
This will be broadcast exclusively on Netflix and BBC One.