Shaun the Sheep

he is now also the energy ambassador of the German youth hostels

Whether on the farm or in the beautiful landscape, Shaun loves nature and fun outdoor activities—so why not with the youth hostels of the German Youth Hostel Association (Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk, DJH) as well? Since 2017, in a long-term cooperation with the DJH, Shaun has been busy providing target group–specific knowledge to people about nature and sustainability.

Now, Shaun the nature ambassador is also sharing helpful tips around the subject of saving energy. Under the motto “Consuming less and achieving more together!” and with the aid of funny wall stickers, Shaun shows hostel guests how they can save energy on vacation. And on the DJH website, he offers valuable tips for saving energy at home as well. Each tip is accompanied by information that is well worth knowing and entertainingly presented. A series of further campaigns are additionally planned with Shaun on various aspects of saving energy.

Helpful companion in the Nature Rally

The central themes of Shaun’s cooperation with the DJH are discovering nature, living sustainably, and eating healthily. During their stays at the youth hostels, families and school classes can take part in various programs to playfully learn how to live sustainably and protect nature.

The most important aspects of the three core themes are conveyed in exercise materials that are organized in modules. One of these modules is the environment quiz, in which Shaun tests hostel guests’ knowledge about sustainable living and travel. Another module is the Nature Rally, which has enjoyed great popularity since the start of the cooperation. In addition to many families, numerous school classes have participated in the rally, so Shaun the Sheep has by now had the opportunity to inspire many new nature ambassadors. The rally can also be downloaded for fun at home, along with plenty of great pictures for coloring.

Das DJH-Umwelt-Quiz