Shaun the Sheep

Car wash with Shaun the Sheep

The car washes of the HEM gas station network have a reputation for being especially protective of auto paint. Since 2020, to make this service known to a broader target group, Tamoil has engaged the support of a prominent, popular, and cuddly figure: Shaun the Sheep.

The comprehensive marketing strategy employs this familiar character on numerous different marketing materials: the cooperation is publicized on posters, stickers, and in promotional and social media campaigns. And as a special eye-catcher, Shaun is installed as an oversized figure on the roofs of the car washes.

Sales-boosting synergy effects for other Shaun Partners

The strong interlinking of all Shaun licensing partners further contributes to the success of the campaign.

NICI GmbH, for example, supplies HEM gas station stores with select products from the Shaun stuffed toy collection, generating an additional sales channel. This joint strategy increases the visibility of the brand, thus ensuring its long-term success.

Promotion-Aktionen mit Shaun das Schaf