Jan & Henry

Bedtime stories with Jan & Henry

“Lullaby and goodnight, close your eyes and sleep tight”

This is exactly what the meerkat brothers Jan and Henry mean to do when they go to bed every evening. But again and again, some new sound in the dark keeps them from their slumber. And of course Jan and Henry can’t sleep a wink until they’ve gotten right to the bottom of it. A dripping water faucet, for example, becomes … a lion, joined by a goldfish, in a cherry pit–spitting contest in the kitchen.

In the book series from the publisher Zeitgeist Media, the popular meerkats deliver plenty of material for suspenseful, funny bedtime stories. In the meerkat den, in the woods, or on the farm, these adventures invite children to join Jan and Henry in solving the bedtime mysteries.

Falling asleep has never been such a thrill!