Dental care with Conni

The toothbrushing set from Signal in an attractive Conni design makes daily dental care fun!

Signal Kids brushing gel for baby teeth

This mild toothbrushing gel with fruit flavor is especially suited to children’s sensitive gums. It contains no foaming agents, and it remineralizes and strengthens the tooth enamel, protecting primary teeth against saccharic acid and cavities.

Signal Kids toothbrush

The children’s toothbrush from Signal aids kids up to 6 years old in the care of their baby teeth. Its ultrasoft, rounded bristles are ideally suited to young children’s sensitive gums.

The bristles are treated with silver phosphate glass to counter bacterial growth. The small brush head is designed to be ideally suited to a child’s mouth, and the suction cup on the handle helps keep the toothbrush securely in place anywhere in the bathroom. The toothbrushes are available in various colors and various Conni themes.


The toothbrushing brochure

The informative toothbrushing brochure addresses children and adults in different chapters.

It explains to children the correct toothbrushing method, as well as what to expect when they go to the dentist’s for a checkup. It additionally includes a clear and colorful toothbrushing plan for keeping track of dental care. Individual motifs with Conni illustrate the explanations, and a funny coloring page rounds out the information.

Parents receive tips for supporting their children in their daily tooth care and can learn about the development of the primary teeth with the help of an informative graphic.