The Maus

“Frag doch mal … die Maus!”—the big book program from Carlsen

Attractive, target group–oriented educational offerings on subjects befitting the Maus

For several years now, Carlsen Verlag has published an extensive program of books featuring the Maus. Two nonfiction book series titled “Frag doch mal … die Maus!” (Ask the Maus!) form the core of the program:

A series of board books with flaps, made for children ages 2 and up, convey age-appropriate knowledge from many different subject areas. Included are such titles as “Der Kindergarten” (Preschool), “Im Wald” (In the Forest), and “Traktor, Bagger und Co.” (Tractor, Digger & Co.).  

A hardcover series dedicated to schoolchildren ages 8 and up takes on subjects including “Zukunft” (Future), “Ritter und Burgen” (Knights and Castles), “Meere und Ozeane” (Seas and Oceans), and “Berühmte Entdecker” (Famous Explorers).

Carlsen additionally marked the Maus’ 50th birthday in 2021 with a new edition of “Die meistgestellten Fragen an die Maus” (The Questions the Maus Is Asked Most), a best-of book of questions from five decades of “The Show with the Mouse.”

A particular standout in the hardcover series is “Fragen zu Gott, der Welt und den großen Religionen” (Questions about God, the World, and the Great Religions), which describes the various world religions and points out what distinguishes them and what they share.

The two nonfiction series are rounded out by numerous puzzle and activity books, as well as a perennially top-selling tear-off calendar featuring the Maus.

Bücher mit der Maus




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