Humorous, action-packed new addition to the portfolio

The WDR mediagroup has acquired the licensing and merchandising rights for the brand-new adventure comedy show “Monster Loving Maniacs” in the German-speaking world from Toon2Tango.

In the new TV series “Monster Loving Maniacs,” kids are no longer afraid of monsters—they actually love them!

The first season of the series consists of 52 episodes and is provisionally scheduled to be broadcast on SUPER RTL in autumn 2023. “Monster Loving Maniacs” appeals to kids aged between six and eleven and has huge entertainment value with its lovingly animated and imaginative stories.

The series follows the adventures of the three brothers and sisters Edith, Ernest, and Bo, who spend the summer with their grandfather in Gruselbrook. The three of them soon realize he’s a brilliant monster hunter who has dedicated his life to battling the supernatural. Arthur begins to train his grandchildren as the next generation to continue his life’s work. He sees himself as a mentor to these three interested siblings and completely fails to notice their love of monsters and all things supernatural. Everything suddenly makes sense to the three of them—they were born to work with dangerous paranormal creatures and can’t wait to go in search of them with their grandfather. And as soon as Arthur takes another of his frequent naps, the siblings find a way to save a monster.

Marketing is already underway and initial talks have already been held. We look forward to many exciting cooperations and spine-chillingly fantastic licensed products!