Christmas with Shaun the Sheep

Shaun and the flock get caught up in a great new Christmas adventure. The 30-minute holiday special “The Flight Before Christmas” premiered November 28, 2021, on KiKA.

Trailer „The Flight Before Christmas“

“The Flight Before Christmas”

It’s Christmas time on the farm. Shaun and the flock can’t wait to get all their presents—but they notice that the stockings to be hung by the fireplace are much too small! In an attempt to steal the farmer’s socks, little Timmy disappears, and a boisterous search for the flock’s youngest member begins.

This time, the farm lies decked out for the holidays under a coat of wintery white. Leading through charming, elaborately rendered settings, the fast-paced plot shortens the wait until Christmas. “The Flight Before Christmas” makes clever use of themes from beloved holiday films—and itself has all the ingredients of a new classic.