Wallace & Gromit

A chaotic couple

The eccentric and always correctly dressed Wallace and his smart dog Gromit make an unusual pair. The ambitious and naive inventor is a passionate tinkerer and develops a contraption in response to any question or problem in a jiffy. While his inventions don’t always work quite as he expected, his clever assistant Gromit always manages to sort everything out. But this leads to unforeseen implications, resulting in many a criminal adventure.

At the end of every adventure, a good cup of tea and crackers with cheese are a must for the two of them! The lovingly made claymation of the “Wallace & Gromit” film series laid the foundations in 1989 for the unmistakable look of the stop-motion productions of the Aardman Animations film studios in Bristol. The adventures littered with references to famous movie classics delight both young and old!

Area covered by license: Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Licensing: For all product areas except computer games, apps, live events and theme parks

Rights holder: Aardman Animations

Target group:

  • Children ages 8 and up
  • Young people and grown-ups


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