Edmond und Lucy

Sustainable, diverse, and humorous

Edmond the squirrel and Lucy the bear cub are the leaders of a gang of all kinds of different baby animals. In the course of the four seasons of the year, the group of friends steadily learn about and discover the secrets of the forest they live in—it’s like one, big adventure playground!

In this series, the protagonists don’t yet know all there is to know about nature and learn a little more about their unique habitat every day. The friends’ realization and amazement that every animal no matter how small, every tree, and every plant is useful and important delights viewers both big and small. We learn that we are all part of an ecosystem which is worthy of protection.

Take stubborn Lucy, for example, who initially refuses to play the silent flower in a performance at the Honey Festival, as the role doesn’t allow her to truly demonstrate her acting skills. But when she realizes how clever flowers are in the ways they attract bees, she is very excited about playing the part.

Along the way, the protagonists learn a lot about themselves, too. The different personalities each see the world in their own way and this boosts not only mutual understanding, but also the fun factor! Even the group’s most unusual member, the “Thing,” which doesn’t even speak their language, is perfectly integrated within the community.

Sustainability in front of and behind the scenes

MIAM ! made a commitment to sustainability not only regarding the content, but also in terms of the series production. “Edmond and Lucy” is the first industrial series format to be produced in real-time CGI. Among other things, this innovative production method significantly reduces environmental pollution.

Area covered by license: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Licensing: for the product segments of toys and games (not incl. paper products), home and living, apparel, food, accessories, personal care, and promotions

Rights holder: MIAM ! Distribution

Target group:

Children ages 3 to 5


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