The School of magic animals

Playing, puzzling, and creating with the big Kosmos range

The publisher Kosmos Verlag has brought out an extensive range of products based on the successful book series

Diverse games assortment

The large product lineup from Kosmos Verlag encompasses funny dice games, fast-reaction games, captivating card games, and tricky detective games.

Whether cooperative or competitive play is called for, the line of games based on the best-selling book series offers the right product for every games fan.

Story puzzles with special effects

The story puzzles based on “Die Schule der magischen Tiere” (The School of Magical Animals) are far more than conventional jigsaw puzzles: here, each scene harbors an exciting hidden story.


“Fürchterlich feierlich” (Frightfully festive) and “Endlich ausgegeistert” (All ghosted out), two select short stories from the best-selling series, have each been translated into a puzzle featuring a colorful image teeming with activity.

Once the puzzle is finished, the case can be solved with the help of the instructions. Each puzzle also contains a secret message!

And if the puzzle isn’t put away right after completion, there’s an additional magical effect: it glows in the dark!

Magical sewing fun with creative DIY sets

With the sewing sets from Kosmos, fans can now create their magical animal themselves. The extremely easy step-by-step instructions explain the most important basic techniques kids need to master in order to make the felt animals. They enable even complete sewing novices to get great results!

The well-equipped sets contain all the necessary materials, along with small scraps of fabric that can be used to practice on.

A special feature is the little hiding place each figure has for secrets and wishes.

Available up to now:

  • Rabbat the fox
  • Juri the penguin
  • Karajan the cat
  • Henrietta the turtle

Die magischen Näh-Sets