The School of magic animals

Cooking with magic!

Zabert Sandmann presents the first cookbook featuring the popular licensed brand

The successful book series “The School of Magic Animals” has long since conquered kids’ rooms. The stories about the zany teacher Miss Cornfield and her students enjoy an enthusiastic and ever-growing audience. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have their teacher assign them a talking animal as a personal companion that provided needed advice for any situation in life?

And now comes the unlocking of many a culinary secret—in “The School of Magical Animals—the Cookbook“, published by Zabert Sandmann Verlag.

The 160-page book contains not only a big batch of tasty recipes, but lots of tips and tricks for making them a success. This way, Henri’s gourmet schnitzel, Mette-Maja’s cinnamon rolls, and Rick’s fish sticks come out just right—without effort or parental help.

The lovingly designed cookbook has already made it onto the bestseller list of Der Spiegel and become a fixture in thousands of kitchens.