Conni theme world from Haba

Conni and her friends aren’t only available in the book series, but also as figures from Haba. The high-quality hand puppets and bendable figures are perfect for play in the dollhouse or puppet theater.

Cuddly dolls for role-playing games

The cuddly dolls and hand puppets are perfect daily companions for preschool, role-playing games in the puppet theater at home, or on trips.

Dressed like the original figure and made from high-quality materials, the dolls and puppets inspire reenactments of Conni’s many adventures—or the invention of children’s own exciting stories.

Robust bendable figures from Little Friends

The Little Friends bendable figures invite children ages 3 and up to act out the adventures of Conni and her friends in their own role-play games.

For several years now, Conni, the tomcat Mau, the horses Flecki and Bella, and Conni’s friend Anna have been part of the Little Friends world. Like all the figures in this series, their arms and legs can be moved flexibly. This is possible thanks to an inner frame of bendable wire that is encased in durable plastic.