The Maus

Stories to laugh at and learn from—live!

Stiftung Wissen of the Sparkasse KölnBonn has created a STEM education location at the Odysseum in Cologne. At the “Museum with the Maus,” fans young and old gain a hands-on understanding of natural and technological phenomena. The museum was inaugurated at this location in 2013. Following a recent conceptual overhaul, the expanded Maus museum opened its doors to the public in summer 2021.

Nature and technology easily explained

Why are there seasons? How do you program a robot? How does an optical illusion work? Visitors to the “Museum with the Maus” can get to the bottom of these and many other questions. At numerous experiment stations, they can use their own eyes and hands to gain direct insights into phenomena in nature and technology.

How do the Maus & Co. get on TV?

In the animation studio, things get really creative. At various activity stations, visitors can design, film, and set to music their own animated cartoon with the Maus, Elephant, and Duck, or with Shaun the Sheep’s flock.

Quiz with the Maus

Those who want to put their freshly acquired knowledge to the test can end their museum visit in the newly created Quiz Room, joining Team Maus, Team Elephant, or Team Duck to answer questions on the experiments they did at the stations.