The School of magic animals

With your animal through thick and thin

The Winterstein School holds a magical secret: in the class of the eccentric new teacher Miss Cornfield, each child is assigned a personal animal that not only helps them meet their daily challenges, but also becomes their best friend on earth! The speaking animal is a special companion, unreservedly supporting its human friend whatever the situation. For readers, this makes for a unique blend of reality and fiction. The highly successful book series invites growing children to project themselves and their experience into the stories: as members of this enchantingly conspiratorial school class, the protagonists find their very own place in the world. They share an exciting everyday life full of magic moments.

Area covered by license: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Licensing: for all product segments except publishing and theme parks

Target group: children ages 8 and up

Rights holder: Carlsen Verlag


The successful licensed brand has already been implemented on a number of products


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